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  • How do I place an order?
    Ordering is simple & easy. Call us at 732-713-5162 or email us at
  • Can I customize a package?
    At RIBBONS, we specialize in customizations, be it with a monogram, itinerary or color scheme.
  • When should I place my order?
    Ordering 2-5 weeks before your Simcha will guarantee you the widest variety of options. We accept last minute orders as well.
  • What is your pricing?
    Our basic package start at $12 and go up from there, depending on your style and taste.
  • What does your basic package include?
    Our basic package includes a water and your choice of 3 confections, along with a custom colored ribbon and your monogram.
  • Can I place an order, even without knowing the exact amount needed yet?"
    An approximate number is fine. The week prior to the Simcha you can give us an exact number of packages needed.
  • Can you take care of setting up my schedule?
    For a reasonable fee, we can design and print a schedule that will complement your package. Click here to submit details for your schedule.
  • Do you offer delivery options?
    Yes, at RIBBONS we offer free delivery throughout Lakewood. In the tri-state area we will deliver to you for an additional fee. Click here to see all shipping options.
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